BLW Thermoplastic Polyurethane Leather 




TPU is short for Thermoplastic PolyUrethane, which is a mature environment-friendly material with strong high tension, 5 years or more hydrolysis resistance, more than 300,000 times martindale resistance.




High Abrasion Resistance, can reach more than 300,000 times Martindale Abrasion Resistance.

Good performance at Hydrolysis proof, it can reach more than 5 years hydrolysis resistance.

Outstanding cold resistance, even at minus 35 ℃, it still maintains good elasticity, flexibility and other physical properties.

High temperature resistance and oxidation resistance. General plastic raw materials are easy to be oxidized in the environment above 70 ℃ with a long time, but TPU has good oxidation resistance. And normally, the temperature resistance of TPU can reach 120 ℃.

Besides, TPU shows good ability at tensile strength, tearing strength and bending strength, as welll as Oil resistance, water-tolerant and anti-mold.


Environmental friendly


TPU material is an environment-friendly material, free of halogen, nonylphenol NP, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs, phthalate 16P, 6P. It complies with ROHS, REACH, EN71 and environmental protection testing standards. It is an ideal material to replace non environmentally friendly materials.


Widely used in different industries

TPU has been used in many different industries such as furniture, shoes, clothes, bags, toys, etc. TPU can be compounded with fabric, foam, leather and other materials to become a new material, so as to meet the requirements of specific products in terms of functional characteristics. It can improve the quality of the products, and to enjoy a higher quality material level by consumers.