BLW Solvent free PU 



At present, we mainly use solvent based adhesives for leather, polyurethane and food flexible packaging composite films production. The residual amount and migration of solvents have always troubled the health and safety of the leather industry and food packaging. The harmful impact of solvent emissions on the environment is harmful to people's health.

The solvent-free composite technology completely meets the requirements of high efficiency, environmental protection and energy conservation. Its process flow is simple, energy consumption is low, raw materials are saved, and the speed of production is high. There is no solvent residue in the production process, which will not cause harm to human body or the environment. Solvent free adhesive is coated without solvent, which is not limited by solvent emissions and meets the national requirements for environmental protection.




Solvent free PU has strong temperature adaptability, can be cured even at - 40 ℃.

High Abrasion resistance, can reach Martindale abrasion resistance 200,000 times.

Peeling resistance

Corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance

Fire Retardent

Anti-bacterial and mildewproof

Hydrolysis resistance, Long service life, low odor

Soft hand feeling, high resilience and high toughness

easy clean


Environmental friendly


It does not contain any solvent or volatile organic compounds, nor toxic and harmful substances such as amine, coal tar, isocyanate monomer. It does not contain combustibles, not pollute the environment, and conforms to industrial safety.

Formaldehyde Free

DMF Free

AZO Free

Mildew Resistant


Odor free




Widely used in different industries


Suitable for furniture, shoes, bags, packaging, clothes, etc.