How to distinguish between cowhide and cow leather?


Leather and leather, laymen generally do not know the difference between the two, in the case of leather products are not familiar with the production process, the skin and leather problems may be unclear. Here, Southern China city network leather channel to buy leather goods in the United States often encounter the problem of leather and cow leather to share with you.

In the leather, leather separately layer of skin and the two layer of skin: the different levels according to the leather, with the first layer of skin and the two layer of skin, the head skin has corrected grain leather, embossed leather, and really soft dough; the two layer of leather and embossed split, split grain (bright and smooth).

Two layer leather

The characteristics of two layers: the leather leather scrap recovery broken after adding PU material attached to, or spraying PVC, PU thin film coated on the surface coated with a layer of chemical material, so also known as kraft film. Its price is cheap, the utilization rate is high. Wear long cracks, severe fracture.

Two layers of skin surface and the first layer of skin, is indistinguishable. The two layer of skin to grain leather and soft leather and embossed leather. Grain leather, smooth bright no wrinkles. Soft bread, pressed by hands and wrinkles, embossed leather leather is very rough.

Two layers of skin than the first layer of the skin to be thicker the better the thinner the first layer of skin

According to the current standard QB/T 2262-96 "leather industry terminology" of leather definition of "skin" is taken from the animal body, untanned leather, also known as "leather hides;" refers to the use of rawhide leather products can be made by a material tanning, anti-corrosion processing. It made some animal skin leather, leather can be called as an animal, for example, made of cowhide leather can be called as the cow leather.

As for cowhide and leather which is better, can be based on the current standards, such as the sale of leather shoes on the market, such as leather, are processed by the. This involves the first layer of leather or two layer cowhide. And cowhide or leather in the same shop, the same brand, the price may be expensive than cowhide leather leather or on the contrary, it is decided by the different product advertising investment, style, popular elements. Therefore, from the material, the first layer of leather is certainly better than the two layer cowhide.

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