Hongkong Houseware Fair and Hongkong International Home Textiles Show


The thirty-first Hongkong Houseware Fair, organized by the Hongkong TDC, and the 7 Hongkong home textiles exhibition held in Hongkong Convention and Exhibition Centre for a period of four days (April - 23). A total of two exhibition attracted 32 countries and regions, more than 2400 exhibitors, buyers from around the world to show this year's new home and home textiles.

Hongkong TDC acting president Zhou Qiliang said: "in the face of global economic challenges, Hongkong Houseware Fair as Asia's largest home goods industry exhibition, important task to provide exhibition platform for enterprises to find a buyer and for orders. In addition to the exhibition design, Exhibition Division, exchange activities and other aspects of the perfect force, but also to attract overseas buyers to participate in the procurement of Hong kong. This year the General Assembly will arrange 125 overseas buyers group, more than 7000 buyers to visit the exhibition in, hoping to create more business opportunities for the industry."

The essence of the gallery gathered nearly 80 home brands

In order to meet the global buyers and consumers to the brand home goods demand, home goods exhibition has a special exhibition of famous brand home goods "," the essence of the essence of this gallery "Gallery" net of nearly 80 local and international brands, ceramic home goods brand Topchoice, local brands including design fashion, constantly bring new kitchen and dining table appliance Kool and silver cutlery famous Regent. At the same time this year, adding: specializes in high-quality household water filter Diamond, product design unique brand Chinese rich family (JIA), as well as local brand kitchen GEOX (Kinox) etc..

International brand as a wall, including both interesting and practical Japanese brand Like-it, also from Japan, with a series of unique clock, indoor lighting, storage device and bathroom products attract a Korean brand Interform, pan Happycall, characteristic Taji pan French brand Emile Henry, selling around the kitchen, product design fashion Italy kitchen brand Pedrini and TVS.

Eat at home is modern people have fun and healthy lifestyle. Consumers for high-quality kitchen and tableware of growing demand, and home products easy to use than to design beautiful, even if the price is slightly higher, also regarded as a cost to enhance the quality of life. In the "taste of dining" exhibition, buyers can see all kinds of kitchen utensils, table supplies more than 300 exhibitors by presenting and wine utensils.

New interior decoration materials and baby products exhibition

This exhibition a total of 23 exhibition, the whole house all kinds of home goods to be arranged, the convenience of buyers. This year the General Assembly added two new exhibition, interior decoration materials will be the main focus of decorative materials, hardware products and DIY tools, and another new exhibition baby supplies will provide a variety of baby products. In addition, the world of pet products to bring all kinds of pet products to meet the needs of pet clothing, food, shelter, travel, while the owners take care of them easier.

Pet star WE5 in Sheung Wan Shiba "pet supplies and Home Furnishing Tour" in the demonstration of new products. "A gallery" in Hongkong will show the creativity of the designers, including the lovely cartoon characters local illustrator creation of licensed products, a variety of unexpected environmental protection and their design of bamboo home goods, with the Asian climate indoor fragrance, body care products, as well as 3D printing home goods services etc..

Home Textiles Show to create Home Furnishing Shu Qi

At the same time the Hongkong international home textiles exhibition will bring a number of countries Home Furnishing decorative cloth, bedroom supplies, curtains, carpet and textile products Home Furnishing Hotel etc.. Focus Exhibition "smart fabric Gallery" will focus on a series of high-quality fashion brands, including Disney and Hallmark have authorized bedding brand youyashi Indonesia, Terry Palmer, senior bathroom towel from Beijing Jiajia carpet etc..

The exhibition also attracted to the mainland and India textile industry to set up the museum, and known as the "textile town" reputation of Jiangsu Province, Nantong city also has a museum, showing their long history of high quality textiles. In addition, for the first time in the exhibition hall set up in Portugal, to bring the local high quality textile products.

Forums and seminars, close to the market

In order to make the industry in the exhibition and purchase at the same time, can grasp the latest trends in home goods and home textiles market and the development of the industry, at the same time forming network, the general assembly has arranged a series of seminars and exchange activities in the exhibition, including the fashion industry analysis authority WGSN advanced editing the "WGSN TrendTalk: 2017 product trend forecast seminars and for all the market and pet products industry forum etc..

In addition, the conference also arranged a number of product launches and product. At noon there will be more international food demonstration by the chef to the latest kitchen products, Chinese, Korean and European produced. On the first day of the exhibition, Fang Jianyi should also be local celebrity kitchen brand GEOX (Kinox) invited, and cook together with brand new kitchen utensils.