Four textile and garment national standard from mandatory to recommend


The reporter learned from the textile and garment industry, standardization under the State Council to promote the coordination of the inter ministerial Joint Conference Office recently issued a notice issued by the conclusion integrated the 11224 mandatory standards and 2066 mandatory standards program. Among them, GB5296.4-2012 "consumer use of the fourth part: textiles and clothing," GB9994-2008 "textile materials moisture regains," GB 1103.3-2005 "of natural color cotton, fine cotton" GB19635-2005 "cotton cotton" four national standards into mandatory by recommendation of.

For many enterprises doubt GB5296.4-2012 "consumer use of textiles and clothing in fourth parts:" into the recommended standard does not mean deregulation of product labeling, identity management, fiber content and implementation of standards can not mark the problem, the industry pointed out that the product quality law in China stipulates the identification of its content. The marks on the products or the packages must be true, and meet the following requirements: a certificate of product quality inspection; a Chinese marked product name, name and address of the manufacturer; according to the characteristics and requirements for use, to indicate the name and content of product specifications, grades, containing the main ingredients, with Chinese the corresponding marked; need to let consumers know, it should be marked on the packaging, or in advance to provide consumers with relevant information etc. .

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